Saturday, October 23, 2010

My first English post

It`s been long since I wanted, and promised to my English teacher that I will write a post in this language. I kept thinking what about should I write, but no reason was strong enough to make me sit down and write in English. Last night, finally and unfortunately I was given a strong reason to do this.

If anyone used Google Translate to read my blog, then you might have noticed that I have a quite good impression about Ireland. You may have also noticed that I love electronic music, and this mainly includes the genre techno and drum and bass. One of my disappointments towards this country is the lack of big name from electronic music scene. Yesterday I found out from Metro AM (the newspaper) that Sven Vath was playing in Dublin and I searched for tickets, excited about this event. While browsing ticketing pages, I also learned that Roni Size and Stamina MC will be in Dublin at The Academy in the same night. As I have a weakness for Drum and Bass, I decided to go for Roni and Stamina.

So I booked the tickets, have a few shots for warm-up and went at the party. I got there and I noticed that there was so many people that could fit in a small room. I had the same feeling when I went at "Therapy session" in Bucharest and just a few people came there too. I then realized why there are just a few big names in Dublin, over the year. But let`s say that I got over it, as a few people started to show up. The biggest disappointment was later to come, when Roni Size came at the decks and some fella` took the microphone as an MC. Knowing Stamina MC from another party where we`ve had some drinks together with some friends, I could have tell that the man with the microphone was not Stamina. So I went at the entrance and asked for some clarifications from the organizers. I then learned that Stamina MC announced a couple of days ago that he cannot come to Dublin. I was kinda` used to things like this, because back home, in Cluj, there was a group organizing events with big names on line-up, and at the party people had to find out that the Dj`s had cramps and they could not get on the plane, or they lost the bus to the airport, or any lame excuse you could think of. Obviously the organizers from Dublin are not that different considering that they were announced days in advance about this change of plans, but they did not consider changing the line-up on their website or on the ticketing website. I don`t know how many events like this they have had organized before, but for the man that I was talking to there was absolutely no difference between Stamina MC and the other person with mic, who could barely keep up with Roni. It`s like saying that it`s the same to travel on bicycle or in a Ferrari. I was offered a full refund(this would never happen in Romania), but I decided to stay, because I missed a DNB party too much, and besides that, I was already in Dublin, so I just enjoyed the music. About people - I just have to say that it was obvious for most of them that commercial music rules their life, and they did not quite enjoy Roni`s music at it`s best.

"There`s a first time for everything!" - they say. And this was my first party in Ireland, and also my first post written in English. See you around...

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